• Firefighter • Fire Apparatus driver/operator • Fire Prevention Inspection • Emergency medical responder (First responder, EMT, Paramedic) • Hazardous material responder • Rescue Responder • Public Education • Administrative Volunteer • Fire ground support (logistical support)

No experience necessary. Training and equipment furnished by Fire District. Flexible training program:

◦ Online training (self study) ◦ Station training (near your home) ◦ Formal training at WFFD Training Center ◦ Schools and Courses

Requirements for membership as a Volunteer Emergency Responder:

All applicants must posses a valid Louisiana Driver’s License. Must meet the requirements set forth in the Departmental SOP/SOG regarding motor vehicle records and operations. All applicants must be of good moral character and maintain the upmost integrity. Note: Felony convictions or lengthy arrest records may disqualify you from membership.